Quimica eA draft article can be read on page 25 of the magazine Chemistry and Industry Textile SPANISH OFFICIAL ORGAN ASSOCIATION Textile Chemists and Colorists entitled Using Cyclodextrins for the recovery of Textile Dyes.

DYES4EVER project aims to solve one of the major pollution problems to the textile industry, textile dyes not fixed in dyeing process polluting water. The aim of the project is the use of cyclodextrins (CDs) to retrieve these dyes so that they can be reused as raw material in new dyeing process. Furthermore the use of chemicals to remove the dye prevents water, so it can increase the life cycle of the new versions of them in water dyeing processes. In this process waste waters dyeing of cellulosic fibers with direct dyes have been employed from the company Colorprint that have been treated with different epichlorohydrin cyclodextrins polymers (EPI-CDs), the complex formed by the polymers charged with the dyes has been employed as a raw material to dyed cotton fabrics.


You cad read the project abstract in the following link 


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