Founded in 1924, the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” is constituted by 15 Faculties distributed in 3 different sites and is the chair of CUM – Consortium of Mediterranean Universities. The UNIBARI is an International high-integrated reality and yearly welcomes about 250 international-mobility students and favours the participation of over 300 of its own students to study courses in other European universities. The doctoral school in Chemical and Molecular Sciences, with curricula in Chemical Sciences, Chemistry of innovative materials and Enzymatic and Chemical Applied Synthesis (63 PHD in 5 years ), covers several activities related to innovative technology in the production and treatment of advanced materials.  

The Department of Chemistry of University of Bari has well recognized skills related to different areas of chemistry, such as advanced synthesis of organic and metalloorganic compounds, plasma surface modification and assembly of materials, advance analytical instrumentation and methodologies, the complex and organized systems, etc. The Department hosting facilities include the complete accessibility to the laboratories, the accurate safety measures and controls, the availability of comfortable lab and office accommodations.

The research unit of the Chemistry Department involved in the project has, in addition, a long (20 years) and a very well recognized experience in supramolecular chemistry referring to the development and characterization of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes with natural and synthetic dyes. In particular calorimetric and electrochemical techniques, along with different spectroscopic ones, have been used for studying thermodinamic, geometry and photoactivity of different host-guest system involving cyclodextrins both in various solutions and at the solid state. The research activity has been supported


[+] Information: www.uniba.it
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