Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) is private catholic university, around 10.300 students, 23 European official degrees, 30 Master programs and 17 PhD programs. Research is a priority for the UCAM. Currently, more than 40 research groups working at the university. Mainly, the research is focused on the field of food science, sports, medicine, health, social sciences and information technologies.

The research group named “Bioactive compounds encapsulation in cyclodextrins” from Catholic University of Murcia has extensive experience in the field of complexation of many compounds in cyclodextrins. The head of the group began her research with cyclodextrins in 1992, during the course of her doctoral thesis.

Later on, in 2005 she created her own research group at the Catholic University of Murcia. So, this group has more than 20 years of experience in cyclodextrins sector. During this period of time, they have published more than 25 papers and they have been involved in 6 projects and 5 contracts related with the use of cyclodextrins.

Specifically, the research group has focused its activities on:
  • To determine complexation constant between cyclodextrins and different compounds
  • To determine the activity of different enzymes in the presence of cyclodextrins.
  • To use of cyclodextrin to recover phenolic compounds from waste materials.
  • To use of cyclodextrins to functionalize textiles.
Projects related:
  • Development of a methodology of encapsulation in cyclodextines in poly-phenolic compounds for the design and formulation of functional food.
  • Cyclodextrins as complex agents of bioactive compounds. Employment in functional food.
  • Encapsulation of procianidins with cyclodextrins
  • Studies of incorporation of active principles in cyclodextrins and its inclusion in textile.
  • Development of micro or nanoencapsulation of aromatic compounds and antioxidants for employment in food industry
  • Photo-grafiting technology applied in the functionalization of textile substrates R&D in medical textiles by surface functionalization.

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