Colorprint Fashion, S.L. has begun its industrial activity in 1993. The objective of the company has been since the beginning to offer finishings in printing textiles always taking into account the market requirements in quality control. The company has more than 32 years of experience in printing sector.

Furthermore, Colorprint has modern machines and equipment for textile printing, dyeing and finishing. Human resources are one of the most important active in the company. Their 100 employees are willing to support any innovative project with their knowledge. The result is a great technical knowledge able to satisfy any printing demand. Customers are considered the first priority.

Colorprint facilities are distributed in 20.000m². The company has a market niche very important in finishing sector, this is confirmed by the high number of customers that trust on them for the treatment of their textiles.

Colorprint has great concern about environmental issues and has in their facilities their own waste water depuration plant. The environmental concert has bring Colorprint to establish several rules such as:

  • To use of high quality raw materials (chemical products)
  • To use advanced technology
  • To use processes with low energy consume
  • To use recycling processes

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