Textile is one of the most pollutant industries and overall finishing sector which employs high quantities of water polluted with a variety of chemicals. DYES4EVER main aim is the demonstration and validation of the ability of cyclodextrins (CDs) as encapsulation agents for dyes, eliminating them from waste water so they can be recovered and reused as raw material, as well as obtaining less contaminated waste water that can also be reused.

A semi-industrial scale pilot will be set up to recover CDs and dyes in waste water, result of dyeing. This process is relatively complex due to: 1st the variety of dyes used to obtain the range of colors demanded by the fashion, and 2nd because of their specific requirements according to the textile substrate used. The prototype, will be installed in a textile company representative of the sector. DYES4EVER will demonstrate the encapsulation ability of CDs with the different dyes used in the textile industry in two aspects: 1st, in the reuse of recovered dyes in a rear dyeing process as the encapsulated dye will not be chemically-altered; and 2nd, the elimination of the dye will result in a reduction of contaminated waste water and also avoid the need for adding more chemicals to clean the water. Finally, eliminating dye from waste water means that it can be reused in other dyeing process, lengthening its life cycle and reducing the quantity of contaminated waste water



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